Our Mission is to Prepare EVERY STUDENT with
Knowledge, Skills, Values and Vision 
for Life-Long SUCCESS.

Link for materials How to Cope and Talk to Your Child About COVID-19: http://bit.ly/ecsdtalk
Link for the latest food service dropoff services: http://bit.ly/ecsdfood
Upcoming Events and Announcements
For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
April 6th - 10th
Just a reminder...
The CVMS Office will be closed and
no school lunch bags will be provided
during the break.
2019-20 Bell Schedule
Class Period Time
1st  8:15 - 9:07
2nd  9:11 - 10:00
3rd 10:04 - 10:52
4th 10:56 - 11:44
LUNCH 11:44 - 12:14
5th 12:17 - 1:04
6th 1:08 - 1:55
7th 1:59 - 2:46
8th 2:50 - 3:20
Due to school dismissal for COVID-19 concerns,
OverDrive’s Summer Read program will now
run April 15 – July 31 with the theme
Sora Sweet Reads
Click HERE for more information.
Thank you to all the students who entered the
Emery County Farm Bureau's "This Is Why We Farm"
Essay Contest at the end of February.

to the following
G r a y c e e    M i l l s
8th Grade 2nd Place - $50
C h a n t e    G u y m o n
6th Grade 2nd Place - $50
E m m a    G r i m m
6th Grade 3rd Place - $25

Great Job to all of
Mrs. Jeweks'
Students who
virtually competed in the
Region History Fair
 this past week!

The following students qualified to
compete virtually in the
on April 8-9:

Kimball Black, Madilyn Bunnell, Karleigh Stilson, Kaylie Raisor, Carley Young, Graycee Mills,
Dacelyn Minchey & Megan Bass


* * UPDATED  N O T I C E * *
School is in Dismissal

All activities & practices are suspended.

Canyon View's Office Hours:
Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 3:00pm

Call 435-687-2265
or email Principal Winget at jeffw@emeryschools.org
with any questions.

Teachers have prepared alternative forms of education for students.  Please email your teacher with any questions.

If you do not have a device or
internet access at home to do school work electronically, help is available.

Please click HERE for additional information.

Meal Bags for students containing breakfast and lunch are available to pick up at the school or designated bus stops Mondays-Fridays.

*No meals will be provided during
Spring Break: April 6th - 10th.

Click HERE for locations & times.


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