• Thanksgiving Recess
      Wednesday, November 21st - 1/2 Day  (Students released at 11:35)

    Thursday, November 22nd - No School

    Friday, November 23rd - No School


Personal Responsibility

We are Canyon View Cougars. We take charge of our learning by being on time, prepared, patient and following all CVMS policies during school events whether on or off campus.


As Canyon View Cougars, we treat others the way we would like to be treated by showing respect to ourselves, peers, adults and property by following directions and school policies.  We exhibit good sportsmanship and use appropriate language.


We represent CVMS in a positive manner by being honest and doing our own work.  We report acts of bulling, or any kind of harassment and suspicious or dangerous behavior, to an adult.


As Canyon View Cougars, we use self-control to be our best.  We manage our time, honor deadlines, follow directions and safety guidelines, demonstrate appropriate behavior and respond calmly and appropriately.


We are active learners - we participate, are physically and mentally present.  We challenge ourselves and strive to make CVMS a positive place for everyone by showing school spirit, welcoming others, including others and smiling :)

We are